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                My spouse wanted to go out to eat last night. I wasn’t keen on the idea, because the outdoor temperatures were chilly and cold. The wind was blustery, and the forecast was for some precipitation, and the low temperatures weren’t quite cold enough for snow, but they were dropping fast! My spouse wanted to meet some friends at the pub, so I agreed.

             The bar has wonderful food. They have fish and chips and a tote of fries. They also have the best Monte Cristo sandwich that I have ever tasted. The place is usually particularly busy on a Tuesday night, and I didn’t want to wait outside for long. The temperatures were already hovering close to the cold mark, yet when my spouse and I arrived, our friends were already seated. They chose to sit at an outdoor table. I wasn’t particularly happy, because our feet and hands were already cold. Luckily, the outdoor seating area was equipped with some gas heaters. The gas oil gas furnaces were several feet tall, and they put out a lot of heat. They had two gas furnaces at one side of the outdoor seating, and two additional gas furnaces on the other side of the outdoor seating area.

             When the two of us walked inside, it was hot enough to remove our sweaters. The outdoor seating was transformed into a cozy outdoor Bistro. Thel gas furnaces worked beautifully and we enjoyed our meal and conversation. I didn’t want to leave home and go out to eat, when I saw the forecasted cold temperatures. I am glad my spouse made me leave the  home to meet some friends.

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