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                The time was drawing near, to buy a up-to-date heating system and my wife and I knew that.  Our aged heating system was a dozen years old, and the warranty had run out many years ago’ Last winter, my spouse and I were going to buy a heating system, but instead, we chose to repair the aged machine. We saved throughout this year, anticipating the need for an up-to-date heating system… My wife called the heating corporation, and they provided a free quote for the up-to-date heating system upgrade.

            When we met with the salesman from the heating corporation, he was pushy and rude, and she only seemed interested in making a sale. My spouse had a lot of questions, and she wanted to get the best heating system for our home, but the salesman didn’t take time to give any answers to my spouse. When it came time to sign the paperwork, my wife refused to approve the up-to-date heating system upgrade. She politely asked the heating system salesman to leave, and called me at work. I didn’t know what to say, because the heating contractor staff had never been rude before.

               I hung up the cellphone and immediately contacted the owner of the heating corporation. She was a friend of a friend, though not someone that I knew by name. When I got her on the cellphone, I told her about the pushy salesman. I told her my spouse was unhappy and contemplating contacting a different heating corporation. I gave her the chance to make things right, however she didn’t seem interested in keeping our business. I hung up the cellphone and told my spouse to contact a different Heating corporation.

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