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Heat escaping the house

It seems like every year, my bestie calls me with some sort of drama that is going on at her house… One year it was the fact that they had an infestation of bats in the attic; the next year, she was dealing with a driveway that was like an ice skating rink thanks to her sump pit.  Homeownership, for her, has been a struggle to say the least. This year she is having an important problem with icicles forming on the back of her house. Now, that this the same area where her chimney is located; I wondered if there was heat escaping around the chimney that was causing the snow to melt and then refreeze.  This problem is something that many homeowners in our area deal with as the two of us get many feet of snow. If you happen to notice patches on your roof that are clear of snow faster than others, you may want to check you insulation to see if it needs to be updated. Anytime you have heat escaping, it is a problem and can cost you in repairs and energy usage.  Trapping in the heat is important because your Heating & A/C unit will have to work harder. Then you will pay higher utility bills, and the constant melting and frosty is bad for your roof. I advised my bestie to call her local heating company to see if they knew anyone who could check the seals on the chimney. She said that she hoped that the chimney could be saved because replacing it would not be an option with it being the middle of winter.  Also, to supplement the gas furnace, they use the fireplace weekly.

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