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Did you ever watch one of those shows like, Dirty Jobs?  These type of programs show the rest of us all that goes into making the world around us tick.  I learned something really interesting when I was enjoying it the other afternoon. I never realized that diners entirely sell their old, sleepy grease from their fryers to places that recycle and clean it.  They in turn sell the used oil to other companies that use it for heating fuel. While diners sure produce a lot of it I guess I never entirely thought about what happens to the aged oil and grease. It is good to guess that they can sell it and make back money–it is better knowing that it is used for fuel instead of being dumped in some landfill! I am cheerful that there are people out there that do, yet I would not want the smelly task of cleaning the oil. I love hearing about ways that people and companies recycle and conserve resources.  I wish that the Heating and Air Conditioning industry should come up with systems that can be used in homes to do the same thing. So long as it is cleaned, I would be willing to purchase used oil to heat my home… For the time being I guess these systems are primarily used for industrial type systems. It also may not be economical to try and create distribution services for the recycled oil. The large commercial heating systems can have immense holding tanks on place to hold larger orders, where as a condo may not want, or be able to do that.

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