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ruined cooling unit

My girlfriend prefers rain storms but I have loathed the sound of thunder or the oncoming dark cloud in the distance signalling another inevitable thunderstorm ever since our early 20s.  I lived through a few hurricanes years ago & had terror beyond what multiple people could ever think when seeing & hearing the thrashing winds at speeds over 140 miles per hour. I dealt with nearly totally a car shortly after these experiences,  from leaving all of the windows down while I was in a 4 hour downpour. I paid at least $400 in 5 separate detailing visits to try to get the mold aroma out but it was no use. I remember the car windows & fear I somehow might have forgotten to shut them before coming inside whenever I hear rain .  But after this past weekend, I have wind & tree branches to add to our list of fearful natural forces. A big branch broke off an oak tree in our side yard & it fell directly onto our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C condenser, essentially destroying the entire device beyond repair. In just a matter of a few hours, the two of us were faced with a pressing expense neither of us had budgeted for.  Thankfully I was able to swing a replacement with credit. However, now I’m distraught of it happening again. I was told to use the cover while I was in the Winter time season to protect the device from snow & ice, particularly projectile icicles that inevitably fall from rain gutters or roof overhangs. I’m going to do everything possible to protect our new condenser device from potential future disfigure.

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