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I want to have thermostat control

When my classmates invited me over, I didn’t realize they were having a big celebration. When I walked into the town house, I instantly felt that it was way too overheated and stuffy. However the thermostat must have been set at 72 degrees! Well that the location was packed full of people didn’t really help. When I was asking if the people I was with and I could lower the thermostat, somebody dumped ice water over our head plus said that would cool me off! But I instantly found some more ice water plus poured it over the same woman who got me with–now the people I was with and I were even. I truthfully wasn’t even mad; everybody was laughing plus having a great time. There was great songs plus now that I was soaking wet, I wasn’t so overheated anymore. I absolutely would have kept the temperature control settings at a lower temperature accounting for all the warm bodies inside the site if it were our celebration. However obviously, nobody cared. I did have a great time, however eventually it was way too overheated for me to stick around. If nobody was going to adjust the temperature control settings, I was out. People were asking me where I was going when I was leaving,. They were saying that the celebration was just getting started, even though I just told them that there was someplace that I needed to be plus I went on our way. I unquestionably just went back to our own site, invited some other friends of mine over plus the people I was with and I had a nice little shindig of our own. Instead this time, I was in total control of the temperature control system!

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