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The a/c did not work

I don’t have the nicest car, but our child likes to drive it around locales. Yet the thing is she never fills up the gas tank when she uses it! Honestly though, I don’t even love to drive the car in the Summer weeks because the air conditioning system doesn’t work. That’s why I like our child to go to the store to get groceries in addition to things such as that. Though it’s regularly a little bit frustrating though when I regularly have to go to the gas station. There have been a lot of times when I barely made it to the gas station without running out of gas. It seems the needle is regularly on empty… But well recently when I was gonna take the car to get some gas, I seen somebody was in our car attempting to hotwire the car. They were flying out of our driveway in addition to driving away before I knew it. I already knew the car had to be nearly out of gas so they certainly picked the wrong car to steal. I knew there was only 1 gas station in the section in addition to that’s where I usually go to get gas. I figured if they realized the car was almost out of gas, that’s where they would be headed. Then so I ran over to the gas station in addition to sure enough, there was our car. It appeared that they ran out of gas before they made it to the gas station in addition to just abandoned the car… I couldn’t help but laugh because there was our car with the windows rolled down. That was the worst car theft ever because of the broken air conditioning system in addition to no gas… When I got some help pushing the car to the gas station, I decided I was going to take it to the autoshop to get the temperature control system fixed so I could actually have a working air conditioning system for a change. I didn’t even bother to call the cops about the car being stolen; it was just a funny story for my wife and I to tell to our friends.

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