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Tried to do duct cleaning

I thought I was doing all I should be for our heating as well as cooling system, however as I’ve recently l received I was wrong… See, I just moved into my own condo! This is the particularly first time I’ve had to take care of a home all on my own separate from having a property owner to help me out or service things. Yet I was undoubtedly wonderful about reading up on everything in the condominium when I signed the mortgage. I studied up on common care for the carpets, treating the wood floors, as well as caring for the HVAC system. I needed to dust the vents as well as keep them clear of furniture or carpets so the air ducts would get the common air flow to toil right. Then I had to be sure to cover the condenser outside every Wintertide to keep it protected from injury by the snow as well as ice… Finally on the day to day stuff, I had to be sure to change the air filter once a week. Well, all of that sounded easy enough to me. I even bought HEPA air filters, which is not what the condo had when I went to change them the day I moved in. HEPA air filters are the only kind which can remove 99% of pollutants from the air. Well, in spite of our best efforts, I still had to call for an HVAC repair–my home was smelling funny as well as I swore it was coming from the HVAC duct. Sure enough, I needed to have HVAC duct cleaning done. I thought changing out the air conditioning filters would be enough, however obviously you need to get your HVAC duct cleaned every year regardless of everything else.

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