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The air ducts are ruined

When my spouse and I purchased this little fixer upper house on the lake, the two of us knew it would need a good bit of labor and TLC. However, there are times when the two of us think we’ve bitten off more than the two of us could chew in a lifetime! Just last week, we both noticed that the oil furnace is giving us some grief and running the utility bills up. When we had first purchased the house, the two of us were sure that the house could be however it was, and we could repair windows and get modern floors. However, the HVAC needed to be in good shape! The two of us did not want to have pay for a whole new heating and a/c system alongside fixing up this old house. The real estate agent took us down to the basement, and was quick to show us the dates for repairs shows the HVAC system had been maintained just a few years ago. We foolishly thought that was just fine! The house had been on the market for the past year, and if it hadn’t been used, it couldn’t be that worn out in another year. Funny thing – it turns out the vacancy caused more problems for the HVAC system than the two of us realized! When the heating system started causing a bad smell in the ductwork, we turned it all off and called the nearest heating and air conditioning repair service. The technician arrived a few days later to diagnose the problem. As it turns out, the HVAC system itself is in good shape, but the same couldn’t be said for the ductwork throughout the house. Forget the cleaning – the HVAC repair technician said the ductwork was so worn out, we needed to consider installing a new ductwork line!

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