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Radiant heater as a clothes dryer

I like my apartment well enough, though it comes with a few quirks that I’m not so fond of. It’s legitimately affordable for what you get, but that’s only because there are some downsides that you need to be prepared for before you rent in my building. Each unit has two bedrooms and a full bathroom, with a good sized tub. The kitchen has state of the art appliances that help you to cook faster and are more efficient with electricity! This means the appliances in my house not only work well, and they can also help to keep the utility bill a little lower. Still, this place comes with one major downside that not all people like: no laundry appliances in the unit! There is a laundromat in the building, on each floor. However these washers and dryers all cost money – specifically, they only run on quarters. Thankfully there’s a change machine in the laundromat. They work well enough, but the dryer never gets my clothes dry enough. That’s okay though, because I have an effective way of dealing with damp laundry. Anything that isn’t dry from the machine comes back to my house, and gets laid out on the heated floor. See, my bathroom floors are heated, and controlled by a little thermostat in the room. The radiant heated floors not only warm up the bathroom nicely, but they also work quite nicely to gradually dry my damp clothes.

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