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Don’t mess with the HVAC

I love my kids as much as any parent would, but there are times where I need them to listen to their mother! When I tell them something the first time, they should listen. I have triplets – 2 boys, and one girl. They can be a handful, unsurprisingly! I work from home often, and that allows me to keep an eye on the kids and still earn a bit of extra money to help my partner and I. For whatever reason though, their most favorite thing to do lately has been to stick objects in the Heating and A/C ducts – much to my irritation. Our house is heated by a now-ancient oil furnace, so we have vents in the floor for the heat, and vents higher up in the walls for the central air conditioning system. I know I should be counting my blessings that the kids haven’t found a way to reach the ones on the walls, but I’m about ready to start taking away anything small enough to fit in these Heating and A/C vents! My husband and I both had to ban the television for a week, and every time they repeat their offense, more toys are taken away. Our Heating and A/C supplier has grown pretty tired of his visits now, since he has removed at least thirty different small toys and objects from the ducts. When the HVAC tech comes over to clean our ductwork, he knows he’s in for a wild ride! Thanks to our kids, we see the HVAC technician about once every two months now. I just want these kids to either behave, or outgrow this phase already! The last thing I want is to be replacing my entire oil furnace or central air conditioning system because of a kids toy.

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