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Cold room

When my little sister got her first TV, she was so excited that she rearranged her whole room just to make it perfect for playing video games. My parents didn’t buy a modern television set for her – instead, they just provided the one they gave myself after I went off to college. I needed the television back then to watch films for all of my cinematography classes as a film major, but that has long since ended. Well, just a month after setting up her whole room, my little sister has been groaning endlessly about being too cold in the house. She claims that Dad has the thermostat down too low for her, and she can’t take it! Well, I checked on the thermostat myself and the temperature control was set at 65. That’s more than warm enough for up here! So I went to my siblings room, thinking there was window that hadn’t been shut all the way. The windows were not the problem though, it was the furniture that was the problem! My little sister had become so consumed in setting the television up just right for playing video games in bed, and she had completely disregarded the vents for the Heating and A/C ductwork. Doing this resulted in her covering the air ducts in the floor that brings heat to her bedroom. It took nearly four hours to both negotiate with my sister on where to transfer the furniture, and what it would take to leave the vents uncovered. Once it was thought out, the room warmed up nicely with the rearrangement of furniture. There was no need to fiddle with the thermostat again!

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