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Improving the profits of my company:

Getting my company fully into the current age has not been an straightforward task. It is in fact quite substantial to our growth both for our clients as well as our own budget, but, my company is one of those outdated reliable firms which has been around for nearly a century… Our company is trusted by our many years of dedicated repair to providing the very best for our clients. However, new clientele don’t consistently see us that way. However as we’ve been around for this long, it also means that the buildings we’ve acquired as well as the offices the two of us work from are not consistently the most modern. Sure while our goods as well as services are top notch as well as always upgraded as well as revised to meet the growing needs of our clients, the ways in which our company does so are not currently the most eco-friendly. As is, these places were built long before the term LEED certification was even a thought, when global warming was a phrase not even uttered or given a care to. So, for the past decade my company has set out to see that each property under our purview receives energy retrofit services. This is the long as well as complex task of removing out of date as well as cumbersome devices, as well as replacing it with smart building technology that is both more efficient as well as more cost effective. As well, adding water recycling systems to toil with the building management services in an attempt to harvest rainwater as well as reuse gray water, so sewage is no longer done with fresh water. Furthermore, our heating as well as cooling now runs on solar energy, rather can overpriced as well as damaging gas or oil. These changes not only save us money, however they both save the environments as well as make our clients happy. Our profits have never been higher since adding this energy retrofit services to our new company buildings.

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