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Need HVAC for our pups

Whenever I am hanging out with my friends in my neighborhood and any of our careers come up, they always are jealous of the fact that I get to work from home exclusively. To be one hundred percent straight with you, I don’t really blame them because working from home everyday rules! I wake up late every single morning, get to sip my coffee without rushing out of the door, and I also get to be around my pets all day long! Up until last week, I was living the dream. Then my a/c equipment broke down on me randomly; and I am an absolutely unique person, I just adore having the a/c equipment on full power so I can have crisp and steadily cool air flowing through the house. The same goes for my pets, whenever I take them out to play some fetch, they always adore coming into the cold house.  As soon as it broke down, I began to sweat and then the pets began to whine. It was such an uncomfortable situation that I wasn’t able to focus on any of my important work! I decided to call up the local heating, ventilation, and A/C supplier and desperately try to get a service person over here sometime within the next few weeks if possible. It is right in the middle of the busy season for a/c service and repair so I wasn’t expecting to get anybody over here soon, but they were able to send a service technician over that same afternoon! I was so glad that I thought it was a literal prank. The service technician was able to find the source of the problem in about an hour or two! Now that the air cooling equipment is fixed up, my pets and I are able to go back to living the dream of working from home.

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