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Holiday heating use

For the holidays this year I thought it would be a fine idea to head back home to my parents’ house as a christmas surprise.  Because I live halfway across the country far up in the north, it is usually pretty hard for me to actually make it all the way down there during the busy holidays. I packed mostly shorts and short sleeved shirts like usual, simply do to the fact that all the other times I had gone down there it was super moderate and humid the entire time. Although when I arrived, I quickly learned that a rare frigid cold front had swept in overnight, leaving it super frigid all around the surrounding area… Due to the rarity of this actually happening around here, my parents were not prepared at all to deal with the cold conditions and weather. They don’t even have a heated gas furnace installed in their house, much less some radiant flooring! Luckily for all of us, my dad found an outdated mini portable heating and cooling component in the basement that he had acquired as a gift from his friend a few years back. And for being such a small system, this thing was rather strong… On Christmas morning, the whole family and I were all kept super moderate and toasty in the front living room while opening presents all thanks to this powerful mini heating unit. I’m blissful that this mini heating and cooling component was there to save the day, because I was anxious that I was going to have to head back home where there is official heating and radiant flooring sooner than I had expected.


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