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Holidays in the south

Do you have annual traditions for the holidays? I find that everyone have them, and just about every family has some things they care about to doing every year, then for some it is enjoying a recognizable ¬†film, care about Gremling, A Christmas Story, or Die Hard or decorating a tree together, or hanging up the lights all over the house. My own family has a slightly weird approach to it — we take all of the currency we would have spent on gifts, trees, and decorations, and take a long holiday to anywhere warm. Whenever possible, we spend Christmas day on a sizzling and humid beach anywhere. This year we did our usual, only to find that the Winter time cooling winds had followed us down South. It was coldest Christmas on record in this recognizable ¬†state, and despite all our well laid plans we still ended up huddling around a space heating system on Christmas day. I am being overly dramatic, of course, because cooling weather down there means it was in the 50s, when back beach apartment it was in the 20s at the warmest. We were still able to go out to the beach, but we had to build a nice large bonfire there as a constant source of heating. The next day after Christmas, the weather shifted and the beach started heating up again. It might not have been the perfect Christmas, but at least we got to spend a couple days soaking up some rays and not needing to turn on the heater. When we returned home, we all had nice tans, while all of our neighbors were still shivering from the constant cooling winds of winter.

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