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I am hoping for the best here

My guy Julian and I are super poor. We have no spare money between the two of us. Julian and I moved and changed jobs. Now Julian and I are on a strict budget currently. Julian is only graduating from college right now, and he wants to start teaching professionally, and has to take a million part time work until he can find a full time track position. Later on, I’m honestly working from home, performing a span of contracted jobs just to gain enough dough to barely pay our student loans. That being talked about, we’re seriously money conscientious right now, and it’s a real drag. Julian and I aren’t eating out or going to events, but now Julian and I unsure if we can even continue operating our Heating and Air cooling unit. Most of the time the outdoor air temperature is too dire to rely on real ventilation, but the concern is, it’s too insanely fancy to heat or cool a whole home for weeks on end. That’s why it would be wonderful for us to have zone controlled heating and cooling for our house. It would cost a lot of dough in the short term, but overall we could save more dough over the course of years. Rather than spending a huge amount of cash on our energy bill all year round, we could reduce our day to day expenses by using far less energy to power our Heating and Air Conditioning. Heating or cooling only one area would really cut back on those weekly costs that Julian and I are dealing with.


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