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The a/c finally died on me

My upbringing was entirely a little weirder than yours was, then unless of course you also grew up in an off-the-grid hippie community that didn’t want anything at all to do with humanity. It’s not that we rejected modern technology or anything , it was only the people of the world this month that we were trying to get away from. We lived very far up in some wooded foothills, where we grew our own crops, hunted our own food, and used beat up outdated cables with rabbit ears for entertainment. We weren’t primitive people by any means, but we were far out of step from the rest of America. Thanks to a few gas powered generators, we had electricity most of the time, but weather conditions control was still a very long way off. Heating as well as A/C component was far too big, bulky, high-priced, and power-intensive to labor way out here in the middle of nowhere. At least, that was what I thought, then our dear old dad brought beach apartment a dirty and beat-up outdated a/c one day. I don’t think where she had found this AC unit, but it had particularly seen better days. She told me that if she and I could team up to fix it, after that I could install it in our room and I could be the only kid in the camp with a/c. We spent a couple of weeks toiling on that a/c and trying to bring it back from the the realm of the dead. All we were able to to was to get it to turn on once, at which point it sputtered, coughed one dying breath of cooling, and then died once and for all.

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