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I still have a little Christmas shopping left to do, so I decided to go to the mall last weekend. I did not take the adolescents with me, because I know they would be nosy. As I drove to the mall, I noticed a new building in mid-construction. The building was almost finished, & it looks absolutely good to me. This new building is the locale for a Music & Dance Academy. The Music & Dance Academy is a magnet school for the area. I learned from an article in the newspaper last week, that the Music & Dance Academy is supposed to open next week. As I continued to pass by this construction site, I noticed a big platform. On top of the platform, was a dozen odd climate control regulating units. I labor in construction, & I have seen many buildings with more than a single climate control regulating unit. This was the first time I ever saw so many climate control units for one single building. Even the downtown Hospital, only has 8 climate control units. Each separate HVAC component is responsible for heating & cooling a particular area of the hospital. Each HVAC component has a separate control unit, so odd parts of the hospital can be diagnosed at different climate levels. The entire climate control system is really quite complex. They have a central control room that houses all the temperature control units for the entire building. Only a few of the staff members can access the central control room. The hospital has a full time Heating, Ventilation, & A/C company on site. They also keep someone in the control room at all times,so they can always monitor all of the temperature levels.

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