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I rarely have to use my furnace, even living in the North:

When I first moved into this location in the Spring, I was very anxious how comfortable I would be in the winter. Sure, in the Summer a basement house is awesome; I am perfectly cool plus comfortable without having to use an AC component at all… The fan doesn’t even get turned on unless I’m working out because I don’t need it otherwise… My friends have all begun to come over to my location once a week for our board game evening because my house is the most comfortable out of anyone’s. In the winter, I was anxious it would be chilly so often that I would need to run the central oil furnace all the time. Even still, I hoped it would even out, since the Summer utility bills are so low, but well, Winter is finally here, plus I can happily conclude that I won’t be worrying too much about my central oil furnace running up the utility bill. While it does get a little chilly down here, it’s not damp because its totally dry from the Winter air; this is a respected northeast winter as well! Since I live in a basement house which only has one window plus 2 doors to the outdoors, I have absolutely little heat loss. This means that my oil oil furnace only runs for about a half-an-hour before it turns itself off again, because it’s already met the desired temperature. In order to keep the basement at the temperature control setting, the oil furnace only cycles maybe more than two times a day. I’m so very ecstatic with how low my utility bills are thanks to my basement apartment.

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