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Hate that it is freezing where i am from

I was a child of the social services, so I never had any family to celebrate Christmas with.  They tried to make it good for the kids, but it was never the same. I’m not angry at the situation, and I won’t bah-humbug the holidays, but I also don’t embrace the holidays.  I know that most people thrive during the Christmas holiday, but I happen to not be one of them. I would much prefer to go back to my home and then leave. When the holidays come around, I take my vacation.  It is always cold and snowy where I live. I head off to the beach, where it is warm and sunny and I spend my time in the sun and sand. I drive about eighteen hours to get to the beach, but it is worth those three weeks of relaxing.  I had no idea that it was going to be cold at the beach until I arrived. Instead of sitting out in the sand, I was stuck in my resort hotel room, with the heater on and watching television. A heater and the TV is no way to spend time at the beach.  I could have done the TV and heater thing at home. They told me this is an anomaly and it hardly ever happens around here, but it has happened this year. The beach is blanketed in snow, I have the heater running at full speed, and I am shivering. They said this is the coldest winter on record.  I run to the beach for warmth and I still need to listen to the heater running.

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