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hippie compound and no a/c

My parents lived in a hippie commune, back in the sixties and seventies.  They were best of friends as kids and as they got older, they became childhood sweethearts.  Even after they left the commune, they stuck close to each other. When they got married, instead of opting to build a real house, they stuck with the communal tradition.  We had several small travel trailers and a RV that was placed in a semi-circle. We didn’t have our own bedrooms, but we had our own travel trailer to live in. This had some definite advantages, but the RV was the only trailer with working plumbing, so we had to go there for the bathroom.  It was also the only trailer that had air conditioning. Our area doesn’t have a lot of need for air conditioning, but there are some very humid days where air conditioning is definitely a plus. My brother and I were out by the old dump and we found an air conditioner that had been added to the pile.  We brought it home and plugged it in, in our trailer. You can only imagine our surprise and joy when that air conditioner began to throw out air conditioning. That cooling air was wonderful and we felt like kings. Now, we not only had our own trailer to live in, but we also had air conditioning to keep us comfortable at night.  I was all of my brothers and sisters favorite that year, since I was the only one of us with a working air conditioning.

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