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Wishing for heating in the tropics

Ever since I was a kid, I have hated the cold.  Unfortunately, as a kid, I really didn’t have a choice as to whether or not to live in a cold region.  I remember I would count off the days of winter and wait for spring to return. Not that I am an adult and not under anyone’s rule, I got where I want to and when I want to.  I love living in this area, it is just the cold weather that I hate. When the signs of winter come around, I make plans for heading south. I go as far south as I can, to what I call my tropical paradise.  I love spending Christmas in my tropical getaway. I can walk along the beach, and I never need to worry about tending to a furnace. I don’t want to sit inside and wait out snowstorms while having a blanket covering me and a space heater to add to my warmth.  If I wanted to do that, I wouldn’t spend money on a hotel suite. I want to be able to relax in the balmy warmth that comes off the ocean. I never pack anything but my summertime clothing. This year, there was a freak cold spell that ruined my getaway. It was forty degrees on the beach.  The hotel had a heating system, but I didn’t want their heating system. It wasn’t as cold as back home, but it was cold. I wanted the warmth and not a heater. Next year, I’ll find someplace that I don’t care if there is a heater. This cold spell has ruined my winter tropical paradise for me..

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