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Getting the cooling system all cleaned

There used to be a time when I would get up in the morning and have a plan for  my day. I was going to school and working a full-time job. I was a happy newly-wed, and then came the twins.  My wife and I couldn’t afford daycare of full-time nannies. We knew we were able to make it on just one check if we were careful.  Her check was much higher than mine, so…I am now a full-time daddy. Don’t get me wrong, I love my babies, but I have never realized how hectic it is to be a full-time parent.  It is possibly more demanding that any job I could have ever had. Just this past year, I forgot all about having an appointment to have my air conditioning unit serviced. I had so many appointments for the kids that week, that it completely slipped my mind that I had to be home for the HVAC tech that day.  I usually set up my HVAC service when I have the last HVAC service completed. I put it on the calendar, but somehow I missed it amidst the other things I had to do. I never even got a reminder call from the HVAC company. When I got the call from the receptionist from HVAC company, and she was chiding me for not being home, I was a bit upset.  I called the HVAC tech and he seemed to understand, but the receptionist sure didn’t. I made another appointment and put notes on three different calendars so I was home that day.

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