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I try hard to save money

Having not long ago moved and switched jobs, my Barry and I are on a strict budget right now. Barry is only graduating from nursing school right now, earning his next degree to be in a medical area professionally, and has to take a ton of part time jobs until he can find a full time position. What I am doing is that I’m now working from home, performing a myriad of contracted jobs just to get enough money to barely pay my student costs. That being said, we’re seriously money tight right now, and it’s a real bummer. We aren’t going out or heading to events, but now we’re not certain if Barry and I can even continue operating our Heating, Ventilation & A/C unit. Most of the time the outdoor air temperature is too much to rely on natural ventilation, but the concern is, it’s too horribly high-priced to heat or cool an entire house for weeks on end. That’s why it would be super great for us to have zone controlled heating and cooling for our home. It would cost a lot of cash in the short while, but in total Barry and I could save more money over the course of years. Rather than spending a large amount of cash on our energy bill all year round, Barry and I could reduce our once a week expenses by using far less energy to power our Heating, Ventilation & A/C. Heating or AC only 1 spot would extremely reduce the amount of time that our A/C and furnace  would have to be working.

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