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I need to buy a new water heater for my home. I used to have a conventional water heater and it worked fine. The only problem was the water tank was a bit too small. So for our family of six, we ran out of hot water and at least one person ended up  getting a chilly shower. The hot water tank could not manage the daily demand. We end up running short of hot water  everyday. I have done research online the upgraded water heater is not giving us the same problem. We spent more money and purchased a larger water heater.  But I might replace it again because I’d like to have a tankless water heating system. The tankless water heater offers tons of benefits for a home. The best feature is that it provides on demand warm water. There is no tank that stores water, heats it continually, and then provides the hot water through the pipes. The tankless water heater heats the water instantly, through a heat exchanger.  We would never have to wait for  hot water. There is never any chance of running out of hot water either. So I think our large household of six could take our numerous showers a day and always have plenty of hot water  from this type of system. The tankless water heater should also last longer. That is great an advantage since this plumbing system is a lot more money that I originally thought. I do not want to spent more money on another  water heater. But the tankless water heater provides added safety features.  There’s no fear of flooding, and it costs far less to operate.  

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