Heating & Air Conditioning | Cincinnati

Not needing a furnace or boiler to stay warm:

Living in a rural place is not straight-forward, but it is the perfect fit for me, as I’ve never liked the hustle plus bustle of the city. The city has regularly been something I’ve put up with just to have a life without a big commute to my place of labor each afternoon. So when I finally became the head of our own company plus could do most of our labor from home, my wife plus I moved our teenagers out to a quiet place. Here we are about an hour outside of the city, so we can still get into headquarters once or twice a week if we have to! Not only is it more relaxing, but it’s also more affordable than life in the neighborhood ever was. Here I am able to comfortably heat our house without paying for a gas or oil as we don’t have to bother with a furnace. Our new condo is heated primarily through a central wood stove in the basement, followed by an additional woodstove in the family room plus heat pumps in each of the kitchens. The wood stoves themselves labor much as a fireplace, just more efficiently. Then the heat pumps help out by keeping each of the kitchens sizzling at evening just by moving hot air from the inside to the outside. The reverse can be done in the summer, allowing the heat pumps to labor as an air conditioning system plus a central heater. Our utility bill has never been lower, plus our family has never been happier since we left the neighborhood for our countryside farm home.

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