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Winter with no furnace

Coming out of High School I did not have it so smooth, and my family was not entirely that poor, however they just entirely wanted me to gain everything I got. It would have been nice not spending every cent of our university loans on books, school supplies, and also a locale to live, but I like the lesson now, as is, because tuition was so expensive, I had very little choice other than to live in a cheap apartment with crummy heating plus cooling, and because I lived in a colder region of the country, not having great a/c was not a big time issue for me. The thing that was most bothersome for me, for where I had to live at, was not having a functional oil furnace for heating our apartment. All of my life, I had a quality oil furnace to keep me as hot as I needed to be when I wanted to be. It was a massive shock for me when I could no longer control our comfort with the easy use of a thermostat. My entire life, I had the luxury of a thermostat to create a perfectly temperature controlled environment. I will never forget that first Winter where the temperature dropped, plus I had to use blankets plus an old space heating system instead. I plead to my parents for an new space heating unit so that I could genuinely stay warm, however they just told me to get a job. Once they said that though, I realized if I got an overnight task with a oil furnace, I wouldn’t have to be lake house as much to endure the chilly conditions of our apartment created by not having a central oil furnace. It is so amazing at being self-sufficient!

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