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Storm knocked out the a/c

There was a thunderstorm last week, and power was lost to my home for the entirely  first time in my life, then i suddenly went into complete disaster mode. I felt care about I was moved to the dark ages, or if my terrible fear of a rogue solar flare knocked out all the power to the ground! Although it was absolutely a nightmare for me, at least I got to see what things I absolutely take for granted, however, I never noticed before how dependent I was on my home’s heating in addition to cooling equipment, but when the thunderstorm took out the power, I was now left covered in sweat in my lake house not able to function as a normal human being. All I could guess about was how often I would just switch the AC up when I was tepid in addition to guess nothing of it. It was peculiar seeing an unresponsive temperature control that I wish I could provide CPR too or something. After the first night of getting entirely no rest, I had no interest in attempting another night separate from air conditioner or power. Instead, I begged and begged my parents, who were living in a nearby town, to let me stay over at their location! Honestly, I pleaded to them as if I was a refugee from a war torn land. In the end of things, I felt care about like I was able to get by nice separate from most conveniences, however having no AC in the middle of Summer was impossible for me, however now that I have a generator in location, I hope I will never have to go any time in my lake house ever again without my central air conditioner.

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