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Years ago every one of us used to go camping.  We would set up a tent, set out the sleeping bags & cook over an open fire.  I, for a single, am thrilled that those days are past. I never truly appreciated camping back then.   Now that the teenagers are grown every one of us have a totally weird view of the whole camping thing. My partner & I first bought a beautiful RV with all the conveniences of home.  I now sleep in my king sized bed, have my tea programmed to be done when I get up, & have a full living room to cook in. The genuinely best section of camping, if you can call it that, is the fact that our RV is completely temperature controlled.  Even if we don’t have the extreme luxury of electricity where every one of us stop, the generator runs the Heating & Air Conditioning idea so every one of us are comfortable & cooled off. We can even camp in the desert separate from a problem, then the cooling system is powerful enough to keep us cool even on the days that reach over a single hundred degrees, but long ago every one of us were limited on what time of year every one of us could get away, and sleeping in a tent when it is too warm or too damn cold is just downright not fun to do.  We consistently make sure to have our Heating & Air Conditioning idea in the RV diagnosed once a year just like the one in our home at the moment I would really hate to be away for a fantastic weekend & end up without a working heating unit or cooling unit. Camping these days is great! The teenagers often ask why every one of us didn’t purchase an RV many years ago & the answer is simple. Kids are lavish & now every one of us have the disposable income to afford it.

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