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the issues with the temperature control

The phone blared at two in the morning in addition to jumped up in a panic.  All of us never get calls at that time of night so I immediately thought of all the horrible things that may have occurred in the night.  I hesitantly answered, prepared for the worst, in addition to heard my youngest kids voice on the other end. She sounded out of breath in addition to I could tell she was scared.  When she calmed down a little she explained that her car had gone off the road into a ditch. She was not hurt however the temperature outside was only in the twenties in addition to she had walked over half a mile to find a house she could call from. At that very moment I regretted not getting him a cell phone before she left for school.   She was attending a small university up in the mountains in addition to there absolutely wasn’t any cell repair there anyway. I pretty much figured that she wouldn’t need the phone so every one of us obtained him prepaid phone cards instead. Now, all I could do was picture him, cold and totally alone, on some random mountain road. At least she had found a beach house to make a call from.  The homeowner told me that she could stay there where she was warm and dry. I was so grateful for their hospitality. We called a tow truck to get the car out of the ditch in addition to a Lift car to come get him. I overnighted a cell phone with a GPS tracker to him the next morning, i also sent the family a thank you card for taking care of him. I included a gift card that they could use to help pay for whatever they were looking for even if it was their heating bill.  

temperature control

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