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When I ran into an old neighbor of mine from school, she invited my wifey and I over to have breakfast with him and her wifey, when the people I was with and I decided to go to their place to hang out. The people I was with and I were rather impressed by the size of the location, then the landscaping was amazing and the location was really well kept. When the people I was with and I decided to go inside, that’s when the magic began, and i noticed right away that there was heat radiating from the floors. I noticed that my wifey saw right away too because she instantaneously asked, “What is this?” My seasoned acquaintance explained that those were radiant floors that the people I was with and I were walking on top of. They said it was one of the most modern innovations in the Heating and Air Conditioning industry and it was a honestly remarkable oil furnace! My buddy’s partner said to please take our blazers off and come to the breakfast table as the food was almost ready to eat. I could smell the food and it smelled so delicious, however both of us had roast beef, ham, chicken, mashed potatoes with bacon on the side, mixed vegetables, and buttered rolls. It was a beautiful breakfast and it was so nice catching up with my seasoned friend. Both of us had some costly wine as well which I thought was super nice. Both of us were just laughing and joking by the end of the night and the people I was with and I almost didn’t want to leave the company of our friends with their beautiful radiant radiant floors. I have never felt so comfortable with any other oil furnace. There were no drafts or anything close, and everything seemed to be heated evenly. My neighbor said the secret to the energy efficiency was the fact that the heat rose slowly which kept everything heated the entire time.

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