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Parents got me window a/c

When I was super young, our parents never would use the undefined. Sure it worked & everything, but they felt that it was just too overpriced to run an A/C program & boost the cost of the energy costs, and i had to get creative when I was young. I would make ice & put it in a mesh like bag hanging above a drip bag & have a fan blasting at me through the bag of ice! This was our makeshift cooling system which was incredibly energy efficient because it was basically just a fan working. And of course, a fan uses a lot less overall electricity than a central heating & cooling system… One thing I was grateful for was the fact that we at least used the heating program in the Winter months. It didn’t become overly cool in our area, even though I didn’t like to feel that cold. At least our parents & I could agree on that one thing, however eventually when I went to school, our parents made the decision to get me a window A/C unit. They said they knew how much I liked to remain cool when it was hot & I really did deserve it. I treasured that A/C unit & took fantastic care of it. It was so much easier for me to focus on our studies & do well while we were in the fall semesters. These days I own my own locale with a easily nice Heating & Air Conditioning system. It’s funny because I ended up sort of love our parents, I don’t use the A/C all that often because I like to keep the energy costs low.

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