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Looks like a commercial space for rent

The local mall would be closing they said last year.  It entirely has be a ghost neighborhood for years with all the stores closing in addition to only a few small ones remaining.  They tried to keep it going with new steakhouses and such, none of that entirely helped for long. The owners finally decided to close down the mall and sell off the property to a new owner. The news just announced the plan for it. They want to follow the newest trend of creating a place where you can live, eat, shop, as well as play. This means that the mall will more than likely be leveled out to make room for this giant development.  It will include high end apartments, shops as well as grocery stores, steakhouses in addition to a film theater. The development will also have official use of the space for the leaseholders such as a pool, gym, in addition to the laundry. What this means is that you never entirely need to leave your living area for anything if you don’t want to. This is really brilliant! It is especially lovely to senior folks that still live on their own but don’t want the hassle of driving around all the time. This type of development is all the rage across the country in addition to being a wise investment for those who can afford it.  In most cases, these developments look to lease to specialty shops that will appeal to those in the particular demographic in their area. They want to make living in the high end apartments enticing and good to people. I look forward to seeing this all once it is done.

shop space for rent

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