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Needed ac at the concert

I remember the first concert I ever attended with my friends, it was a metal concert and we all dressed like typical metal heads. It was cool, we were cool and alll the while thinking every one of us looked so cool; We got ready in my parents room at my house, as that room had the best airflow of any room in the house! That was mostly because the ventilation system had ductwork that ran from the central a/c unit up and through our home, and one of the first rooms affected by the HVAC unit was their living room, so it had the best, most crisp as well as cool air of all living rooms in the house! Anyway, every single one of us left for the show as well as after going through security, every last one of us made our way into the concert location. We all were amazed at how cool as well as comfortable it was in the location, as I was expecting it to be sizzling hot and also muggy in the location to match the temperature outside. I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent a/c system in the facility, plus my friends as well as I were absolutely over the sky to have the cool air blasting on us all evening. Every last one of us did a lot of jumping around since every single one of us had floor seats, so the air conditioning in the location worked wonders to keep us cool as well as comfortable despite the incredible amounts of body heat around us. I wouldn’t mind doing that evening all over again today!


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