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The air quality is worse

I like burning candles and incense, so much so that I have a large drawer in my living room just full of unusual brands and scents of candles and boxes strewn all over the place of every exotic incense I can get my hands on.  I got in the habit years back when I had my own dorm in college and it just stunk. But something seemed a little amiss one month when over the smell of my balsam pine candle, I started to smell something really nasty. It smelt like a cross between garbage and a sewer.  For days the problem persisted in addition to then it started to get worse. That’s when I dropped what I was doing and started making phone calls. I don’t know why I thought this had to be a heating and to cooling problem, but that’s where I started first. I spoke with a representative from a local HVAC supplier over the phone and she sent out a serviceman to come out the following day.  I kept thinking that maybe something crawled inside one of the vents and died, hence the increase of smell while I was in the month long stage when I started noticing it. The heating and cooling repairman came out and ran a full diagnostic on my a/c before getting out her flashlight and looking into the ducts. We powered the system back on and she sniffed the air coming from the vents before and after the device kicked on.  She was fairly certain nothing was dead and stuck in the ventilation system, but all of a abrupt she said she had an idea. She went to my kitchen room sink and pointed her flashlight down—to my surprise, she said that my p-trap was completely dry, allowing sewer gases to rise up from the pipes without that small air pressure blockage normally there when the p-trap is full of water appreciate it should be. Although I’m glad nothing is wrong with my air conditioner, I’m somewhat sad more about how the drains are getting dry and what can be done to stop it.

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