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Using the older heater

A while back, there was a story of a woman who lived way up north, and decided it was a good idea to clear the snow from her driveway with a flamethrower! The more serious news outlets claimed that the story was fake, but if it happens to be true, I do not blame that woman in the least… I grew up in the kind of environment where many feet of snow was a constant problem in the winter, but at Christmas time, we idealize the beauty of a winter wonderland. I mean, that has pretty nice for people who are adventurous enough to take their Christmas getaways way farther up north then they actually live so that they can do some skiing in the mountains or something fun outside. I just bet that they wouldn’t want to live there all year long though. This was our family in life growing up! Having a working furnace was just about a matter of life and death. I remember how frequently we had to put new oil in the furnace, and that one time that there was a shortage in town, and we were afraid that we’d end up freezing to death, however our oil furnace was old and inefficient, even when I was a kid, on really freezing afternoons, we had to supplement it with some space heating systems or the fireplace. I cannot deny that after university, when I moved farther down south for work, the moderate summers  and milder winters delighted me! I barely needed air conditioning, and simply opened our windows to let the fresh breezes in, in the summer. In the winter, I only needed to use heat sparingly, and while everyone else in neighborhood was eagerly awaiting the first few feet of snow that we got every winter, I was perfectly happy if I never saw a single flake!

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