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The ac in the computer lab

In college, I found it very hard to study in my own dorm room, Even if I did not share it with a roommate who could be quite loud and boisterous, which I did, I just never felt like my dorm was the place for studying, and it was really more of a place for hanging out and partying. The truth is, if I did need to find a place to buckle down and pay for my procrastination by having to pull an all-nighter to complete a huge paper, I went to The Morgue. No, I did not really go to a real morgue, mind you.That is what the we called the computer lab in our college’s huge library.There were two reasons why we called it “The Morgue.” It was dead quiet in there, especially in the early hours of the day, and it was always kept really cold for some reason. However, if I had to think of the reason, I would say that the freezing temperature definitely helps you stay awake while you are studying and writing. If it was hot and cozy in the computer lab, I might have actually fallen asleep while I was trying to type up a boring paper. Instead, the cold environment allowed me to stay focused. I would go so far as to say that I owe plenty of papers submitted just in the nick of time at least partially to how cold it was in the library and how that helped me keep my eyes open. That, and the super strong coffee you could get in the cafe downstairs!

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