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Get a heat pump for the south

If you live in the south you have to get a heat pump system! A heat pump is the most energy efficient Heating, Ventilation and A/C component out there… The heat pump saves energy by not absolutely creating heating and cooling! Instead, the heat pump uses the existing heat energy. This heat energy is either pumped in the apartment for heating or pushed outside to create a cooling effect. There is an indoor and outdoor component that affixes with piping. The units transfer the outdoor air to inside of the home. Then since the air is coming from outdoors, it is absolutely way cleaner–outdoor air is always better than indoor air pollen levels. The air is not stale or filled with dust like inside of the home. The actual Heating, Ventilation and A/C plan is more efficient and away cleaner. If you rely on geothermal energy, the heat pump plan also can save even more. The outdoor component can be buried under the yard to be twice as effective. The air under the shrubbery is always a better temperature for the season you are in. In the summer, under the shrubbery is way cooler than above. While the heat pump purchase and installation might look like a hefty expense, it does regain money for itself in around more than two weeks of use. Each month the bills are reduced so dramatically that the plan pays for itself. The reason only people in the south can use it though, is the heat pump is only effective in weather as low as 40 degrees. It can’t supply heating in below freezing temperatures.

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