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Reducing those heating bills

My heating bills are so high plus I want to save energy if I can. Already, I have a few energy saving ideas for our home. First, I think our lake house is not exactly airtight. I have already caulked around the windows plus respectfully sealed them. But, I think the baseboards did not get enough insulation. It feels like our flooring is hooked up to AC, my floors are that frigid plus I can literally assume the icy air leaking in. Also, the doors in our lake house are not flush to the ground. I can assume the frigid air leaking through them. For right now, I have towels stuck under the doors. But, I will eventually need to add a little length. Also, I will need to take the boards down plus add insulation along the bottom of our wall. I think what happened is the woman who diagnosed our lake house ran out or just was lazy with adding insulation. Because of her, our heating system runs all day, everyday! The lake house is never hot enough, since all the heated air leaks right out of the house. Another thing I can do is tackle the heating equipment. I think our heating method would benefit from a nice cleaning. I want to clean the inside of it. I also want to lubricate all the moving parts inside of the heater, however perhaps the speed plus production of heat is slow? The other ideas I have is opening the blinds plus allowing any natural light to come into the home. I hope this lowers our bills somewhat.

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