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Want the HVAC dealership to come out

Back when I was in college, I had an interesting report to do… Back then, I was getting my BA to become a journalist. Then what they wanted myself and others to do was go around neighborhood & interview a whole bunch of all the local heating & cooling supplier owners, along with all the weird heating & cooling specialists in the local area… The point was, to see how various companies in the same profession compete with each other… For some reason, my instructor chose the Heating & A/C industry, but so, I went around neighborhood & visited nearly every single heating & cooling business. They were quite friendly. They all ended up giving myself and others a bunch of sales pitches more than anything, but it worked; it was all useful for the report I had to do. I did learn about things I never knew about before, such as radiant heater floors, Heating & A/C zone control plus something called a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat is where you can control the thermostat & adjust the temperature from your Iphone. In today’s generation, it is an interesting concept for sure! After studying about this, I was really thinking of getting a smart thermostat myself. So, these Heating & A/C companies I spoke with for my report may have really made a sale in the process! Now the question I had to consider was, which heating & cooling supplier am I going to buy the smart thermostat from? I ended up going with the first one that introduced myself and others to it, just to be fair. And today, i have my own smart thermostat!

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