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Need to check out those air ducts

My PC recently broke down. At first, it was unclear what exactly had happened. There were no viruses or anything such as that that going on in my PC, but the motor it seemed had just stopped laboring. The fan inside the tower was no longer blowing either. I called my local computer tech to come out plus have a look at it. Then when she opened it up, it was caked with dirt, grime plus all kinds of junk that built up inside of there, causing the fan to clog plus motor to die! It was after that I realised that it was the awful laborings of the air quality from my heating plus cooling method that caused it. I had not had an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C check up or had my heating plus cooling HVAC duct cleaned in quite some time. It had caused tons of dirt plus dust to blow out of the air vents. This caused my entire home to be caked in small dust particles, making the air quality really horrible! This was a major wake up call for me to instantly get on the phone with my local heating plus cooling corporation. So, the honestly next day after the PC repair, I called them up at the local heating plus cooling company. I had them schedule a certified heating plus cooling specialist to come out to do a complete heating plus cooling tune up, heating plus cooling check up, plus a complete heating plus cooling HVAC duct cleaning! It must have taken them 3 hours, but they got the HVAC duct cleaned. Now my whole home is honestly clean in air quality once again!

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