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Need more thermostat control

Have you ever noticed while walking through your condo you pass through a room as well as it seems cooler than the rest?  The oil furnace in the condo is on, however this room just struggles to sizzling up to the temperature you’ve set on the control unit, this can be entirely bothersome.  I remember one condo I had many moons ago, the room where our office was would know 10 degrees cooler than the rest of our locale. I’d be in there, bundled up typing away with ice chilly hands turning the temperature up on our furnace every half hour thinking it would change.  Finally, I went out as well as obtained a small electric furnace to put under our desk to help take off the chill in the room however only took a little numbness out of our fingers. Many people don’t realize that turning up your heater’s control component will not change the situation.  You easily thought it was something you couldn’t do anything about, or just figured your condo was ‘drafty’. But, this is not the case. Air leaks are one of the worst culprits of chilly spots in your condo as well as makes the oil furnace in your condo toil just that much harder, wearing it out quicker than needed.  The best thing you can do is get an energy audit done on your home. By doing this, you can identify where the problem areas are as well as take the correct steps to seal these air leaks. In turn this puts less stress on your Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C units as well as your wallet!

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