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ductwork cleaning takes forever

Last winter, I thought there was a problem with the gas furnace.  It was suddenly struggling to keep the home moderate plus running for extended cycles.  My energy bills were much higher, yet our whole family complained of being cold. Turning up the thermostat did little good.  The heating proposal was simply putting out less air. It was also introducing a good deal of dust, odors plus other contaminants into our breathing air.  I was forced to vacuum plus dust much more often, but I concerned about the safety and health of our family. When I hired a professional Heating plus A/C contractor to inspect the gas furnace, she realized that the problem was the HVAC duct.  Over the years, a good deal of debris had accumulated within the duct system. Not only was this buildup impeding airflow plus diminishing comfort, however harmful bacteria, spores, and other particles were being cycled into the home. I expected the duct cleaning process to be labor intensive, time consuming plus messy.  I figured our entire home would be impacted, plus I’d be stuck scrubbing every room from top to bottom. Instead, the process was quick, clean, plus non-invasive. The Heating plus A/C contractor used a component that looked similar to a vacuum cleaner, but larger. There was a long hose with a brush connected to effectively dislodge plus suck up stubborn contaminants.  The debris was completely contained, causing no excess dust or mess within the home. Once the duct cleaning was completed, I noticed a significant improvement in the performance of the gas furnace. Our house also smelled much better and cleaner.

duct cleaning

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