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Need to get a radiant heater

A few years ago, my wife & I bought an outdated beach apartment with the plan to repair it up.  We’ve gradually been tackling odd remodeling projects. Because of the bad condition of the roof, the two of us needed to beginning there.  We’ve since replaced the windows, added insulation to the walls, replaced the wiring & and installed new water pipes. Our next project is the floors throughout the downstairs of the house.  The living room & lavatory floors are currently covered in a severely ugly linoleum. The linoleum is not only unappealing, however it also in legitimately bad condition. The kitchen, study room & beach apartment office all have ancient, stained carpeting.  It’s possible that the subflooring throughout the downstairs will need to be removed as well. I’m certain this will be an extremely expensive task, not to mention that it will be time consuming & a good deal of work. I would love to install radiant flooring as a part of this process.  My wife and I already have a boiler furnace in the basement, which currently links to bulky outdated radiators. The radiant flooring would be far superior in every way. The pipes are totally concealed beneath the floor, taking up no living space. The idea spreads heat evenly from corner to corner & is completely energy efficient.  Because the heat rises gradually & warms all surfaces in the room, radiant flooring allows lower control component settings. There’s no safety problems, fumes, drafts or operational noise. Unfortunately, the two of us would need to hire a professional Heating & A/C supplier to handle the design & upgrade. Radiant flooring adds a much bigger investment to our project, & I’m not sure the two of us can afford it, however, it would save us money on our utility bills & significantly improve the comfort & value of our home.

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