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My busy a/c repair business

I recently decided to hire University kids to give me help with an advertising logo campaign. My tied up A/C equipment repair company was in need of some new graphics and a logo. These would be for the informational website. All professional companies wanted to get lots of dollars in order to make the logo designs and website. All of us were lucky to find University kids that labored on the job for only half the money. I talked several times on the telephone, before they worked directly on our A/C repair logo. I decided to give them multiple days in order to complete the bow and Logo advertisements. After multiple days, they delivered graphic materials for the A/C repair company. Unfortunately, I certainly ended with many logos and some manners that certainly advertised freezing Slurpee drinks. The University student certainly believed I had an Icee repair company. We spoke by the iPhone on a few occasions, but they didn’t understand that our logo was for an air conditioner repair business. I guess when I said a see, they thought I said I see. It took a long time to finally receive all of the graphics, but they looked pretty good once the students finished. When they knew what I needed, they were able to give the new graphics a great look. Now our website is very user-friendly and can be interactive. I suppose this will certainly help with our sales and even some extra advertising. Even though we had a small mix-up, I’m still happy we decided to use the University students.

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