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the indoor air temperature issues

Last Monday, I was running late for work! I forgot to set the alarm, in addition to I woke up an hour late. I barely had time to shower in addition to shave, before it was time to go out the door. I forgot my lunch, which was chilling in the refrigerator. I made a tuna salad sandwich, cucumber plate, in addition to sliced peaches for breakfast. After I made it to work, I remembered my lunch sitting at my household in the refrigerator. Since work is only a 10-minute trip from my household, I decided to go home in addition to eat some lunch. I didn’t want to waste a perfectly good tuna salad sandwich. I left work a little after 1, in addition to arrived at my household a few moments later. As soon as I stepped in the door, I could tell the air conditioner device wasn’t working. It was roughly 85 degrees outside, in addition to it entirely felt just as sizzling in my household. I looked at the temperature control, in addition to the indoor temperature was 80 degrees. I was immediately blissful that I came to my household for lunch. I contacted the community manager in addition to told him I needed repair on the air conditioner device. I had to return to work, but I hoped the air conditioner device would be fixed before I came home later that afternoon. Later that afternoon at work, I received a call from the community manager. She wanted me to know the air conditioner device was fixed in addition to working. She tried to explain the air conditioner device complication, but I was listening to my boss in addition to only heard roughly half of the conversation. Once she said the air conditioner device was good to go, I guess I stopped fully listening.

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