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A gross air filter

I was toiling out in the garage the other day, when I heard the air conditioner device making unusual whining sounds. I could not pinpoint the noise, however it sounded like the most unusual hiss or child wine. Since the air conditioner device was toiling fine, I just assumed the noise was normal. I went about my day, and finished all of my household chores. I dusted all of the ceiling fans, photos, and knick-knacks. I swept and mopped all of the floors. I even weeded the flower garden and mowed the front sod. At the end of the day, I was ready for a hot bath and a superb book. I poured a bath of hot water, and was able to find my preferred book. It only took 10 or 15 minutes, before I fell asleep in the sizzling water. When I woke up, the lavatory was sizzling and humid. I assumed the sizzling water was the reason for this, however the air conditioner device wasn’t toiling. I didn’t realize the air conditioner device was the problem, until I left the lavatory and headed into the residing room. The entire house was sizzling and humid. The air conditioner device was running, however the desired temperature on our temperature control unit was not reached. I didn’t really feel much air flowing out of the HVAC duct. The air I could feel, wasn’t undoubtedly cool either. I decided to contact an air conditioner company to look at the issues with our unit. They came by this afternoon to look at the air conditioner deviceā€¦ My big problem was an incredibly dirty air filter. I forgot to change the air filter the other month, and there were multiple months of dirt sitting in the system. Once the air filter was replaced, the airflow increased a great deal, and the household became cooler.

air conditioner filter

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