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Boiler system is aging

Some women have all the luck, however I’m definitely not one of those women. I am never in the right venue at the right time. I’ve never won a prize or taken a first place ribbon in my life! All that changed the other week, when I met the nicest guy in the world. I was having a routine checkup on my boiler, but since the boiler happens to be 35 years old, I have it inspected every single winter! The freezing uneven temperatures can be incredibly icy and wet, and a well toiling boiler is key to staying toasty in the Winter weeks. This year, I thought we might need to replace our heating device. The boiler is aging abruptly, and it’s already past the life expectancy for this particular machine. I called the HVAC maintenance center and arranged an appointment for my annual boiler maintenance. Last week, the most handsome young man came to fix the boiler! He was tall, with dark hair and blue eyes. He had a soft and gentle voice that made me feel comfortable. He walked myself and others through the process, and explained the significant troubles with the boiler device. He was quite interesting and funny, and I found myself hanging on every word that he said. The boiler serviceman named John, made a couple of jokes and asked for my cell phone number! Clearly, we were both feeling the same vibe. The next day, John called to ask me out for a date. The two of us went out for dinner and a film last weekend. I had a great deal of fun, and I guess we will go out again soon. I never get any luck, especially with guys. This time, I guess things are entirely different.

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