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Same stale air cycling

One of the quickest ways to improve daily indoor air pollen levels is through ventilation.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency, your indoor air is always far more polluted than outdoor air.  Opening the outside windows as well as allowing in outdoor air freshens up the home. Unfortunately, in the huge area where I live, this is rarely possible.  The Winter time often lasts for very many months, with feet of snow as well as un-even temperatures well below zero. During the long summer time months, the temperature climbs into the nineties with ungodly humidity.  Plus, trying to open windows will welcome in pollen, dust as well as exhaust fumes. Even during the Springtime as well as the short fall, the outdoor conditions are seldom moderate enough for open windows. Because of this fact, I run either the furnace or a/c for most of the year.  I spend big money on energy bills, as well as have taken every possible precaution to tighten up the whole beach condo as well as prevent heated as well as cooled air from escaping. My very tightly sealed beach condo has eliminated essential ventilation. The same, stale air is properly trapped inside, continually circulated as well as breathed by our family.  The many resulting complications with air quality impact comfort, health, beach condo furnishings as well as our energy bills over time. I ended up investing in a heat recovery ventilator, which is just enjoy opening an outside window without the energy losses. The ventilator brings in fresh, outdoor air as well as properly extracts the stuffy air. It uses the outgoing air to preheat the incoming air in the winter, lessening continual demands on the furnace as well as saving me money.  During the long, hard summer, the ventilator helps to reduce humidity in the home, greatly improving comfort as well as helping out the a/c.

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